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The most normal night in Ohio

According to numerous TikTok memes, Ohio is an extremely strange place. Every bus flies there, every cloud hides a UFO and there is a bug invasion in every bar, judging by "Bugs" music video.
Our playlists were mentioning The Vindys band some months ago, now we'd love to introduce you a music video for the song called "Bugs".

Grotesque and inventive, video tells a strange, bit unhealthy yet beautiful story of a small Ohio bar full of people in bug sunglasses and glossy outfits.

It's amazing when an artist can entwine in a video elements that make you feel something realistic and physiological — for example, "Bugs" vide really makes you remember all those "39C/102F dreams" you see when you're extremely ill and there is no hope to get better soon.
They say, The Vindys are well-known in Ohio. Well, let's spread their music to the rest of the planet. It deserves this.
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