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British dream pop at sunset

Gosh his vibes are crazy.

Sometimes you don't need a powerful beat to blow up people's minds. Sometimes you can do something calm and it could be enough if you do it nicely and then add some slightly odd yet atmospheric visuals with hints of VHS and even dramatic arts.

Here's a good example: Pink Mario from UK, whose music was recently sent to our blog.

In the music video you will find a neat VHS-trip with weightless visual effects on top and pleasing vocals. Everything was shot at sunset and this is absolutely an antipode of haste. The still warm September breeze stirs the beautiful leaves and gingerly touches your hair.

As for your and your friends — you are hanging out, pretending nothing bad happened in your lives. So it would seem everything's fine. Someone's taken his camera and is filming everything. Vadim is dancing in his dinosaur costume again.

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