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Trains, thoughts and euphoria

"Euphoria" is a music video made by Fast Romantics band from Canada, which captures with its combination of dark and psychedelic images close to VHS, and slow, stringy sound reminiscent of Wild Beasts or Glasvegas.
The video was shot in a close to square aspect ratio — as a window of an old train you're traveling on across a big country. In some cities you hang out, in others you're sad as F laying on the floor of a hotel room, in others you create or even lose yourself.

Along the way, you try to find happiness in various experiments, such as the drugs, strange diets and experiments with get-rich-quick schemes. But all this does not lead you to happiness.

At the end of the trip, you arrive in a small coastal town and sit alone on the pier near the lighthouse. You look thoughtfully at the ocean waves pondering all the new experience, and suddenly you realize that happiness is not the same as euphoria.

Just as the song author who wrote it in one of the most difficult periods of his life. This song became a kind of seed, which led to the creation of the entire record. Here we are talking about a slow and viscous sound, musicians are in no hurry and doing their tracks incredibly carefully.

If you have a desire to reflect on euphoria and happiness, and also make get to know a lovely new band — you're welcome:
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