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Hearts beat loud at the south

Summer is just around the corner.
As soon as you click play on the video "Wild Thoughts" from "Dark Bardo", you will plunge into the world of bright colors and tropical rhythms.

This song leaves no chance to stand still — you can, of course, try, but you won't succeed. It starts with a simple and sticky piano melody in the style of the "Babylon" movie.

Continuation: dynamically changing landscapes, flying fish, stylish and charismatic characters.

The Dark Bardo project is a collaboration of producers who have worked with such stars as Bjork, Childish Gambino and John Baptiste. They call their music a carnival kaleidoscope of mischievous freaks and scoundrels.

Their first track "Wild Thoughts" is a piece of dance-inducing art in which they demonstrate all their creative power and cool perspectives. Created in collaboration with Shungudzo, Zimbabwean-American singer.
One day in Russia, where I live, there will be a lot of festivals with foreign guests in the lineup again. We will be waiting for "Dark Bardo" among the first.

This clip is a gift for those who are itching to meet the first summer night with a big party. It is filled with energy and life that will help you plunge into the atmosphere of carelessness and joy.

Don't miss your chance to absorb every note of southern life and make your rebellious heart beat faster.
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