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Synthpop for your home parties

Synthpop, historically, isn't the most popular genre in Russia, where Husky Tunes blog is currently located.

Fact: everyone's listening modern pop-punk as Poshlaya Molly or Kosmonavtov Net, hip-hop (Russian or from Europe/USA), or chart-friendly pop.

"Alex Strangelove" OST or Dayglow/Wallows vibes aren't extremely popular here in Russia. If smb's listening to this kind of music, it's first of all in the headphones and more in background than  on parties.

Nevertheless, it's a whole Universe with its own heroes and subgenres. There is an impressive number of cool artists. Today I'd love to introduce Johnny Dynamite and the Blood Suckers from USA.

Jonny Dynamite is not very famous, but a cool personage from NY. His discography contains some classy synthpop and indie-rock releases. The most part of songs are recorded independently in bedroom-studios all over the city, although Johnny also works with the Blood Suckers band.

This is a bit more relaxed music than what teenagers usually have fun with at parties, but give it a chance. Perhaps it could be suitable for some of your parties?

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