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Did someone say TikTok doesn't create stars?

2022 just began, we're vaccinated, alive and full of expectations — still having no ideas what will happen soon. Scrolling TikTok 24/7 before it got blocked in Russia (still scrolling, but VPN required) and discovering new music.
One of main songs from Winter 2022 — "Babydoll" by Ari Abdul. This magical chorus was literally EVERYWHERE. Using TikTok you'd never hide from these lines and wonderful guitar riffs.
"Come here babydoll, come break down these walls, don't leave me alone"
When you get viral it's extremely important to break the "one-hit artist" status and quickly create something else, just to prove that your popularity wasn't just a luck. It's also important to keep your style and don't be too innovative — if so, people won't understand that your new song is actually yours.
The "M.A.Y.A." music producers rule claims says when you create a new hit you gotta be 20-30% innovative and 70-80% recognizable. Idk if Ari Abdul know this formula but she successfully follows it.
Ari's "Taste" become a nice sequel of "Babydoll", adhering to the same vibes and sounds, but giving new melodies and simple but memorable choruses.
"I want a taste of you, You tear my heart in two, Why do I waste my youth? Come back, I always do"
Ari Abdul never stops creating. She drops songs regularly and started to create music videos to emphasize her vibe and increase the fan base. THERE ARE RUMORS ABOUT LIVE SHOWS AND TOURS BY THE WAY. Pretty sure my own city Ekaterinburg won't be included in the list of cities cuz it's in Russian jurisdiction, but one day I hope to see Ari Abdul live on stage.
Here's the "HUSH" music video, first music video I've seen from Ari. The vibes are incredible:
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