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Living forever in the light of yesterday

Unhappy, poisoned, future lost — you know that kind of relationships. Every of us who've ever lived through it needed an indie rock anthem for these feelings. So here it is!
Alt Fiction — trio from Australia that created a vivid, colorful metaphor of your mood when you realise: EVERYTHING goes wrong in your couple and there is nothing but the light of yesterday.
You live together for a while, everything's already broken, but you still can't accept it as a fact. You give your entire life to this person and can't imagine HOW those memories could turn into THIS.
One day you meet someone. It could be your old friend or a random boy/girl on a street. This someone finally opens your eyes and helps you find the right way. Usually it's something new and bright, you just have to accept. It could also be a good song or music video.
The main point is to meet this person or song at the right time, before it's gone too far. If you do, happiness is around the corner.
Here it is, your possible cure. "Yesterday" music video by Alt Fiction. Vivid colors and wonderful shots that give you an extremely realistic feel of fucked up summer that had been lost but there is still a small change to fix everything. Just turn on the song, go outside, drink some wine and meet someone new, at least for tonight.
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