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Please welcome the apocalypse!

Please welcome to the Rhumba Club again.
"Is this just a bad dream?" — one of the main questions that we in Russia are asking quite often last few years. Pretty sure the rest of humanity does the same .
That's also one of the main lines of "Love Apocalypto", one of the recent tracks by Rhumba Club, UK. That's a single from the upcoming album releasing this summer. Produced by Grammy nominated Mikko Gordon (Arcade Fire and others) this single reflects exactly what's the last 3 years are about.
Caution, the choruses are extremely catchy and the melody can make you feel a bit better. Don't start listening if you don't wanna to feel better! We warned you. You're about to get the best apocalypse anthem so far.
That's a vertical video, perfect to watch from your smartphone via Instagram or TikTok, but YouTube also provides a nice experience. The video is filmed in the middle of ancient ruins which isn't a bad metaphor isn't it?
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