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You sit on a chair in a crowded room

You sit on a chair in a crowded room. They're laughing, chattering and sharing ideas. You absolutely don't feel at ease.

If it's you who does a party you always think of every guy in the room, try to make 'em feel comfortable and give a sincere feel of being loved. It's not your party. This time you don't feel the same at all. Kinda that difficult teenager but at your 28. You don't wanna share any topic that sounds in the room. It would be nice to escape just right now.

Invisibly you put on your wireless earphone in one ear. Your long hair is a good camouflage. Few minutes after the second earphone slips in too. Nobody noticed your disappearance. Great, it's not even an irony.

Somehow, you even don't know how, you find a song that feels exactly like this moment.

Viscous, powerful and sunsetty.

You fall in love with every frame of the music video. You adore every second of the instrumental part. You're crazy about every single note in the vocals. You don't even fucking wanna know how it was made, what genre is it and if is there any artist's brand or something.

You just love the song.

From beginning to end. You wanna collect it in a syringe and fill your veins with the music. It's just fabulous.

MRCH from USA and their new single "Wild". Absolutely that kind of story.
And one more! Just found it on YouTube:
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