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Music for your dreamy nights

I've never heard Italian synthwave until now, pretty sure you too! But don't worry, it isn't exotic at all.
We found this video 6 months ago, it was sent via SubmitHub, undoubtedly the best place to find new artists if you run a small music blog from a country with blocked Spotify, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and other socials (yep we still live in Russia...).
I could name dozens of kinds of music videos, classify and catalog them. But on of my favorite kinds is still something similar to "Victoria" music video by Avalant, Italy:
BE CAREFUL, if you start watching this there is a risk of forgetting how to blink.
Avalant just creates billions of small universes in every frame and in parallel offers us a wonderful track, perfectly suitable for your night fyp aesthetic cinamatic etc tiktok edits :)) Don't hesitate to film something tonight and add "Victoria" sounds to the video sequence.
We can't understand why this video has only 900 views on YouTube for now. Need to fix it asap.
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