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The French touch

Here's the instruction how to live a slow grooving life: you drink cocktails, play tennis, listen to Chromeo and Revers Gagnant.
Don't forget your tickets to Italy. We have a nice music video that could be your company during the journey. That's a French producer Revers Gagnant, his music was sent to our editorial right in the day of mobilisation in Russia lol, so that was a nice contrast: total panic in our country vs total chill in the music video.
In Husky Tunes we love contrasts so we immediately decided to share this video, but a bit later. It took one year...
I'm a fan of Chromeo and Cut Copy vibes, so Revers Gagnant's music is for me like a brother. Or sister. Or idk. In short, that's something very close to my inner world, I feel connected to these vibes called the French touch in the press release. All this despite the fact I never was in this cultural environment — only studied French for 14 years.
Music video is fully made of extremely calibrated shots with a wonderful set of colors. All this mixed with psychedelic animations that sometimes break the narration and it fits perfectly.
Welcome to the slow groovy life with OST made of synths, bass and vocals making you fall in love with.
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