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This trio will make your day

What instruments do the most stylish guys on the planet use? Usually it's a sampler, guitar or something.

What about a cello!?

Let us offer you a New Year present (yesss it's late but we don't care). A wonderful work from USA. You definitely know this vocal manner — quite popular on indie-pop scene. And you definitely love this, aren't you?

We'd identify this track as an indie-pop neoclassical song. Yep it sounds strange but why not. Imponderable guitars weaving with the string section and vocals — symbiosis that creates the feeling of calm euphoria if I may say so.

Please relax, lean back and take your time. Everything in this world is about to wait for a while. You're about to close your eyes and purr.

Don't cringe if someone sees you doing that — you have a compelling reason.

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